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This website jugglingponte.com is originally made for the purpose of promoting our paper quarterly juggling magazine “PONTE” (only available in Japan/Japanese currently, sorry…).
(to see its covers, check here!)
However, we keep posting some interesting and exciting juggler interviews and event reviews (mainly in Japan)as well on the web.
To share this “juggly” excitement with the world, we’ve decided to publish the articles in English every once in a while, so when it’s the case, we’ll put English title to notify you.

If you have any questions, concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us at…
mail: jugglingponte@gmail.com

Juggling for life!


Jan.11, 2015

From left to right
Q, Visual design adviser
Nasu, Juggling traveler
Momi, Kawaii designer
Nao, Chief editor
Daigo, Curly haired adviser
Masahiro, Camera geek
Soy soy, Pizza spinner

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